Built in 1854, the 109 Maple St. building originally housed the Wm. Servis Carriage Factory. After nearly 50 years of a success carriage business, William Servis passed away, leaving the business to his sons Lionel and Charles. In the early 1900’s the building was used by M. McKinnon & Sons for manufacturing curd agitators and other cheese factory equipment. In 1909 the building was purchased by Augusta E. Henry, then president of the Sheboygan Falls village board of trustees.

From this point until the current municipal building was constructed in 1958, 109 Maple was used to house the fire station, city hall, and the police department. After 1958, the building was sold to Walter W. Shumann and served a number of businesses including Holtz Home Repairs and Claerbout’s Furniture. In 1969, Robert E. Born purchased the building and operated Robert’s Diving Center and Roberts Family Fashions. From 1976 to 1979 the building became a temporary YMCA until their current location was established. In 1979, the building was purchased and converted into a restaurant by William A. Lorier. On December 31, 1986, Lee Schueffner and Dave Specht bought the building and opened the doors of Firehouse Pizza on February 4, 1987.

Current building and business owner Dorothy Schueffner purchased the building in 1997 and expanded it into the 405 Broadway site in 2000.

The building at 405 Broadway was originally constructed in 1856 on the south end of Broadway (across from the old Lutheran Church). There it was used as the Second School Building from 1856 to 1870. In 1871 a new elementary school was constructed and the Second School was abandoned. At this point the building was moved by horse to 406 Broadway (after a disastrous fire wiped out much of that block years earlier). At this location it was first owned by Sanford & Verbury for use as a Agricultural Depot in 1873. In 1912 the building was purchased by Henry Fricke and used as an automobile garage. The building was moved a second time in 1917 to the present location at 405 Broadway.

Since this location was directly across the street from its former site, the building was never turned around, making the back of the building the new storefront. After Henry Fricke passed away in 1937, his son Clarence took over the business and converted it into Fricke’s Bicycle Sales and Services. In 1969 the building was sold to Ted Riviers and used for Rivier’s Radio and T.V. Service Center. The building housed Menzer Auto Supply in more recent years until it became the restaurant you’re sitting in today, and the rest (as they say) is history.